Recurring receipts

If you regularly need to register certain expenditures or revenue, you can automate the process through recurring receipts.

In the navigation menu, click on “Recurring” under the heading “Receipts”.

In the right corner above the red action button, you have the option to add recurring revenue or expenditure.

The creation screen looks at a few additional fields, such as receipt entry.

The following fields have been added:

Interval: Select the desired time interval at which the receipts should be entered.


Timespan: If the receipt is to be entered regularly for a certain period of time, a timespan can be entered here. If no end date is known, just leave it blank.

End date: The end date is automatically calculated and completed based on the timespan.

As soon as all receipt data has been entered and the receipt has been saved, an open receipt is created in the selected time periods under “Receipts”, which you then only have to mark as paid.


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