Adding SMTP settings

SMTP settings can be added to sevDesk on a per user basis. You can find this option in the settings under “User”.

If you or one of your users wants to use his own email server, you will need to select the user in question and click on “Show SMTP Settings” in the user edit window.

If you add your own SMTP server, all emails that are generated by sevDesk will be sent through your own server. This way, your company will be shown as the sender instead of sevDesk.

In the “SMTP encryption” field you can specify “tls” or “ssl” if your SMTP server supports either method.

If you require further information regarding this you can contact your SMTP server provider.

Hint: If the SMTP data that you have added doesn’t work as expected, please check your mail server logs for unauthorized access attempts. In many cases you’ll need to enable external apps in the settings.

In Google Apps you’ll need to enable less secure apps and you can find more information on the following page:


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