Adding receipts

There are several ways to add a receipt.

  1. Click on “Receipts” in the left hand menu and click on the “Add expenditure” button on the upper right hand side, or on the small downward facing arrow, where you can select “Add revenue”.

You’ll then get to a screen, where you can upload a receipt and add all necessary information. As soon as you have uploaded a receipt, the automated receipt recognition will start and attempt to add the date, amount, document number, supplier and category automatically. The automated receipt recognition engine improves itself with every uploaded file.

In the “Link” field you can link the receipt to people and companies from your contacts.

  1. Click on “Receipts” in the left hand menu and drag your receipt into the receipt overview. Hold down your mouse button and drag the receipt file onto the left side, where you’ll be able to add an expenditure or to the right side, where you’ll be able to add revenue. The receipt will be recognized automatically and will be saved as a draft.


  1. Use the sevDesk App for Android to take a picture of the receipt and to save it into your system. The automated receipt recognition feature will soon be implemented in the app.

For the iPhone there is a separate receipt scan app called sevScan, which automatically recognizes receipts.

If you’re unsure which email address is linked to your account, you can find out by clicking on the “Settings” button in the left hand menu and then on “User”.


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