Adding, editing and deleting products

In sevDesk you can add as many products as you want in order to use them in invoices and estimates, or to manage your inventory.

The inventory option is only available in the menu if you have subscribed to the sevDesk accounting pricing plan or a higher tariff. Nonetheless, you can add your products in your settings under “Product”.

You can add new products by clicking on the “Add product” button on the right hand side.

Product name: Name of the product

Product No.: Number of the product. You can adjust the number sequence in your settings under “Accounting”.

Stock: Here you can enter how many products are currently in stock. The stock gets adjusted automatically once a delivery note has been created.

Category: Here you can choose between different categories. You can create product categories in the settings under “System”. You can filter by categories in the product overview in your settings.

Standard unit: Here you can select the type of unit that applies to your product. If you want to add your own units you’ll need to navigate to “System” in your settings and click on the “Units” tab. Here you can add additional units by clicking on the “Create unit” button.

Purchase price (Net): Please enter the net purchase price of the product into this field.

Purchase price (Gross): Please enter the gross purchase price of the product into this field.

Tax rate: Please enter the Sales Tax rate that applies to your product in this field.

More units: Here you can add additional units that apply to your product as well.

Product description: Here you can enter further information regarding your product, for example, the color or size.

Internal note: Here you can enter an internal note that won’t be shown in documents.

As soon as you click on save, the product will be added to your inventory.

Hint: When you create an invoice or an estimate, you can create additional products as well while adding a line item. When you save the invoice or estimate, the new product will be added to your inventory.


Editing products

You can access the editing mode for a product by clicking on the pen next to it.


Deleting products

You can delete a product by clicking on the three dots while hovering over the product and selecting “Delete”.

Another way to delete a product is by clicking on options while you view the product and selecting “Delete part”.

Please note: If a product is linked to a document, you’ll need to delete the document first, before you can delete the product.


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