Adding payment accounts

You have the option to add further online and offline checking accounts in your settings under “Accounting” in the tab “Payment accounts”.

Assigning a name is sufficient if you have an offline account, while online accounts require you to link the bank account to your sevDesk account.




To create an online account you need to enter the name and your internet banking credentials.

If no bank suggestion is shown, then the bank is most likely not supported right now.

If this is the case you can import your transactions manually via our CSV import.



You can make an account your default account via the pin symbol in the payment accounts overview.


Importing banking transactions

In the payments section of the left hand menu, you’ll now see your bank account as a new tab.

In the tab you can now import transactions by clicking on the “Import transactions” button.

You just have to select a date range and click on “Apply”.

All transactions that could be found for your selected date range will now be shown in the overview.

You can repeat the process as often as you want.

Linking banking transactions

When you click on a banking transaction, you’ll find suggested references.

If you don’t see any matches among the suggested references, you can either click on “Create receipt” or “Search receipt or invoice”.

If you find a matching receipt or invoice, just click on it in order to link the transaction to it.



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