Credits / Rebates

In sevDesk you can add credits in the form of rebates and discounts. Simple credits (commissions) in the form of a credit note can't currently be added, but we’re working on it.


You can add a credit by simply creating a new invoice with a negative amount.

You can write “Credit” in the subject to make it clear that the invoice is a credit.

Important: A credit needs a unique invoice number just like an invoice.

In the invoice you’ll need to add a line item for the credit.

In the example it’s “Credit for product #123”.


Afterwards you’ll need to add a negative amount in the price field.

Rebates & Discounts

In order to grant rebates and discounts you’ll need to create a new estimate or invoice.

The first option is a cash discount of up to 6%, which you can find by clicking on “More options” while creating an estimate or invoice.

The second option is a discount in form of a percentage or a fixed amount. Just click on “More options” and click on the “Add discount / surcharge” button, where you can provide a description of the discount as well.




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