Recurring invoices

If you regularly need to send the same invoice to customers, recurring invoices will save you a lot of work.

Choose “Add recurring invoice” in the drop down menu in the invoices section and you will see the same form that is shown when you create a normal invoice with two exceptions.

The following fields have been added:

Next invoice: Please enter the date when the next invoice should be issued.

Interval: Please select the frequency in which the following invoices would be issued.

Next you’ll just have to fill out the form as you would do with a normal invoice.

The invoices will be set to “Due” by sevDesk automatically in the interval you specified.

The due recurring invoice will be shown in the “Recurring” tab and you’ll just need to create and send and invoice from it. In order to do this just click on the due recurring invoice and click on the “Create invoice” button.


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