Mileage tracking

This feature is based on Standard Mileage tracking.


You will find your "Mileage Logbook“ in the left hand menu under "Receipts“. 

To add a trip, just click on "Add trip“ in the top right hand corner . 

Fill out all the required fields.



The mileage rate is a preset rate which is defined by the IRS each year. You are able to change the mileage rate manually if required.

For medical tours 17cent and for non-profit organizations 14cent.


The address fields are connected with google maps to make adding the record easier.

To calculate the distance you have to insert your start and end mileage. 

If you have multiple stops on your trip you can add more start and destination addresses by adding a new line item.

The Comment / Reason is important. Here you need to indicate the reason for the trip (i.e.  customer visit, product delivery, etc...)

Be sure that all details are carefully filled out so that your trip gets approved.

Once your journey is complete, click on "finish" in the top right hand corner. If you need to edit the trip details at a later date, you can just "Save" it. To do this, click on the white arrow / triangle on right side of the Finish Button and click on "Save“.




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