Importing contacts

In order to import contacts you’ll have to click on “Settings” in the left hand menu, go to “System”, click on the triple dots and navigate to “Import contacts”.

We have created a template, where you can find out which rows you’re allowed to use.

You can download it in the software.

The easiest way to use the template is to paste the contact details into it.

Creditor and debtor numbers can be imported as well now.

Save the file as a .csv and upload it via “Select file”.

Once the upload has been finished you’ll see a spreadsheet, where you can manually edit the data.

You can just click inside the fields and edit the content.

If the headings are in the wrong order, you can change the column with a click on the arrows.

In some cases the delimiters aren’t recognised. If you encounter this issue, you can manually enter the delimiter under “Show more options”.

In most cases the unrecognised delimiter is a semicolon (;) or a comma (,).

If characters are displayed incorrectly it’s most likely an encoding issue. Please make sure that you use the same encoding as the .csv file.

If everything looks as expected, you can click on “Preview and import” and have a look at the contact details again and import them.

After every import you have the option to undo the process as well by clicking on “Revert import”. Please note that this is only possible for the last import!



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